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Founded by virgo and bikini enthusiast Dora Klein in 2016, Poppy Bikinis is well known for inspiring and motivating girls to love themselves.  


     Poppy Bikinis founder Dora Klein was raised in Newport Beach, California where she spent most of her days at the beach and in the ocean. Surrounded by California's beachy life style and the pressure to look "good" in a bikini, Dora quickly noticed that young girls and women were spending an unhealthy amount of time criticizing their bodies. Dora wanted to make a brand that LOVES all body types, shapes, sizes, colors. Enough of this being "perfect" bullsh*t. Our bodies have been through so much, let's celebrate the journey they have been on.

     For Dora, creating sexy bikinis is an intimate process. Before deciding on fabric or trim, she thinks about how a design will be used and where it will be worn. The attention to detail and precision that is put into every suit is easily noticed. Completely opposed to outsourcing jobs, Dora has her bikinis made in the heart of Los Angeles.



Portrait by Keeley Swami

Dora Klein
Designer X Creator of Poppy Bikinis



Lauryn Alvarez

Robin Bigge

Keeley Michael

Sam Schneiter

Mikaela Handler
Development Assistant